faq – contacting the geek room – for injies updated 16 Apr 2017

Many questions from Injies come through the contact page, asking how to use bod-yig on smartphone, where to get digital scriptures, Tibetan script for a tattoo, translating something into Tibetan, etc. I do not have time or knowledge to answer these. And besides ...

Injies, this website is not for you. If you have come to this website, hopefully you have read the about pages a little bit and have some ideas what this website is about.

Thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web, and our good friends DuckDuckGo and the Gutless Goog, you can find all your answers there.

There are many Tibetan techies all over the world now. You can hire one of them to help you with Tibetan IT things. One resource to find some of them is here.

It is possible i could take time from my very full life to help you, after you show you have given at least $1,000 US Dollars to one or more of these to help them in their work:

(Alphabetical order, no preference implied.)

Thank you.