philosophy and purpose updated 14 Aug 2015

It is my hope that this room will be another small gear in the many wheels being useful for Tibet.

who we serve

The Geek Room is for Tibetan web developers and related Birds of the Same Feather to have a place to learn and share the technical aspects of building websites, including all its related technologies.

All technologies we use are free and open source, and all works done at this room are free and open source and available to anyone.

Use of Geek Room and all facilities is money-free. But, not free :) — much is expected: good clean code; passing on what you know to others; strong ethics in tech work and in life.

We do not work for any organisation; we do serve individuals in technical positions at any organisation.

Please note: "Geek Room" and "Tibetan Geeks" are not businesses; not organisations; and most definitely not any kind of centers of Tibetan tech world. The names represent the people who i serve. That is all!


The purpose of James days, and of the Geek Room, is to serve Buddhism and His Holiness the Dalai Lama through sharing the only skills he has — web development — to the Tibetan exile community.

One of the first ideas that touched me, very early in life, was Krishna's "Do what you do, and give the fruits of your actions to me".

And now at the other end: Interdependence, and རང་ལས་ གཤན་ གཅེས། - "others before self".

tong len (giving and taking)

i have been given too much in my life — the bad things as good, or better, than the good things! so i will need several lifetimes to give back for it all.

in the meantime, due to james' agreement with the universe that allows him to have the life he is having and do this work, he does not go on the donation trail, and does not accept money (it's the second pratimoksa vow, in the interpretation of "take only what is given").