the geek room thanks … updated 24 Apr 2017

  • arranging room, painting, electrical fixes, and furniture: Ketan of Ketan Lodge, Jogiwara Road, McLeod Ganj
  • got the binary clock ticking again, and the heater working; watching over the Room: Tenzin Dawa the Fixit Man
  • monthly donation, plus remote support for students: Tenzin Ngawang of NYC
  • induction stove, special cooking pot, many beautiful tea cups, canisters and all the makings: Dawa Tsering of NYC (ex-Men-Tsee-Khang sysadmin)
  • arranging custom power outlet, the stove, and many other things — including getting this idea started and keeping the flame alive, many years ago: Phuntsok Dorjee
  • internet connection: [the connection - Vayudoot] [arranging - Srijan] [antenna hosting - Lobsang Wangyal Studio]
  • internet connection: making repeater for 2nd connection from across the road: Tenzin Gompo; wifi receiver: Brian
  • wifi antenna and 8-port switch: Ngawang Gyatso of Upper TCV
  • 8-socket power strip: Horizon Computers (Sidhbari)
  • raspberry pi: David Huang
  • biiig whiteboard: Phuntsok Dorjee, Thubten Samdup, and KalonTripa 2011 website.
  • chairs, dalai lama photo, inspiration: Lobsang Wangyal
  • chair cushions: nice discount from Dhompa Tsang Collections, Bhagsu Road, McLeod Ganj
  • tons of techie videos and PDFs to learn from: Brian
  • 1 year + 3 months Digit Subscription: Horizon Computers (Sidhbari)
  • techie books and magazines: anonymous
  • our first saturday workshops: Madhu Akula, Internet Security Specialist

and these ...

  • all the techies: they are invisible to normal people, they are always working behind the scenes, they keep the web working!
  • james' sponsors who keep him going so he can watch over this room
  • the resident kitties / night guards, who moved right in and keep things cosy
  • so many too numerous too mention who give and work and do behind the scenes ...
  • our guide and root guru. without him none of this could be — His Holiness Dalai Lama
thank you - tu che je

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