using the geek room updated 16 Apr 2017

  • you:
    • Bring your laptop. We have tables, chairs, Internet, and cups and hot water for tea.
    • The Geek Room is available for use almost all the time. Just check this website, or contact me.
    • Everyone is encouraged to ask and answer questions for each 0ther.
  • the space:
    • "geek room" is the main room and the verandah.
    • We are following the western model of public space: We are all sharing, and the room deserves the same care and respect, or more, as your friend's private space.
    • The balcony belongs to geek room and the neighboring room — so it is public space also and should have the same consideration.
    • Everything that made the Geek Room possible — both the technologies and the help from people — was given freely. So everything that the Geek Room provides will be given freely. There will never be any charge for any activity or use of Geek Room.
  • sabjong:
    • If we are having any sessions, whether regular or special, please come according to the schedule.[2]
    • If there is a regular session you are part of, and you cannot come, email/phone/sms the session-holder.[2][3]
    • If there is any special session by arrangement, email or sms the session-holder every time before 9am on the day of the session, saying whether you will be coming or not coming.[2][3]
  • substances:
    • No smoking in geek room (includes verandah). Is ok on the outside balcony.
    • No alcohol, pot, hash, etc, whatsoever.[4]
    • more ...
      I have nothing against the substances named. It's just that they are not appropriate here.
  • animals:
    • So far, only humans, dogs, and cats are allowed in the geek room.
    • Other animals can be considered on a case-by-case basis.[5]
    • Kitties not allowed on the big table or on the kitchen counter.more ...
      It is very easy, just gently remove kitty from table or counter and talk to him, explain he's not supposed to be there. Pet him and give him something to play with. It may take several times, but he will get it!
      Well that's easy for me to say — but we have given up on the table. He likes to visit!
    • Leave toilet door open at all times - the kitty uses the toilet!more ...
      Somehow he trained himself to use the drain holes to do his business. It is really wonderful. So help him out by making it easy for him. Also don't leave rags, papers, clothing on the floor — he might be tempted to do his business on them.
  • trash:
    • Organic waste and sweepings go in the container by the sink. This gets thrown over the balcony at night, when it doesn't bother the people living below.
    • Containers for trash, recyclable, and batteries are next to door. Please crush plastic bottles to save space and prevent re-use.
    • Regular trash and recyclable can be taken down to the trash truck between 8 and 9 every morning. You will hear the horn, and the truck stops just a little ways up the road. Very nice!
    • The truck will not take "wet waste" (organic trash)[6].
    • Regular trash will never be thrown over the balcony, dropped off the road, etc. That is really disgusting.
  • water:
    McLeod has a severe water problem[7] You can help:
    • There is a bucket under each sink to catch the water.
    • Keep the tap open only when actively using the water.
    • When washing dishes etc, wash and rinse in a container, not under the tap.
    • When washing clothes, use the rinse water for washing the next batch of clothes — or for washing the floor — or if needed in the toilet.
    • After using toilet, you can use water from the bucket to flush.
  • internet:
    • If there is a session, talk, etc, don't use the connection except as directed.[8]
    • Please don't use youtube or other high-bandwidth websites, unless nobody is working[9] They are great, but they slow down the connection for everybody.


  1. [it's just about ...] i'm pretty much a rule-hater and rule-breaker myself! But i found out that things i thought were just normal, understood by everyone, are not always that way. So it seems friendlier to be clear about what is expected, yes?
  2. [let us know ...] The session-holder and the attendees may have: other people wanting to use their time. other projects which they could turn attention to. may have planned the session expecting that you would be there. Please respect their time, and then they can do their best by you.
  3. [notify or no session ...] If not notified, James may assume no more sessions are wanted, and find other interesting things to do!
  4. [substances...] reasonable amounts of chocolate and coffee however are allowed :)
  5. [animals...] monkeys are right out, as they can't seem to be taught respect for human space. (it is entirely likely that this is a mark of superior intellignce.)
  6. [wet waste...] plus it's not very nice to give the poor guy a bucket of slop — he has to handle it and stand in it all day.
  7. [water...] actually the whole world has a severe water problem. you just aren't noticing it yet :(
  8. [internet...] surfing on your own during a session is really rude (and does not motivate the teacher to help you later!)
  9. [working...] people are probably working most of the time, as that is what the geek room is for! :D