james walker updated 1 Dec 2015

what i do

“i don't do; i only teach.”
I am here for the purpose of:
helping people learn how to make websites.
That's all

  • I won't make a website for you.
  • I won't write code for you.
  • I won't write programs for you.
  • I will help you learn how to do it.
  • Get started here

I am a back-end web developer/programmer (not a designer) giving my services to Tibetan community in McLeod Ganj India, for the purpose of showing people how to build and maintain websites, since february 2001. This is all i do.

Well and yeah, i also talk a lot, verbal and written! :D So i try to use that [skill|failing] in service to spreading the tech; and sometimes in spreading information about Tibet and its uncomfortable situation.


My priorities are defined by my own skills/capabilities, and the needs of the people i serve.

  • If using my services: must be open for anyone interested.
  • If i'm helping on a project: My "students" must be able to come to learn, teach, and help out with it.
  • Any sabjong i present: must be open and available to anyone interested.
  • I am here to serve the Tibetan community, and others related to it, only.
  • All works and services that i do and participate in are free of cost. more here

“i don't do; i only teach.”

ok, yah, i do build and maintain websites — if i don't, how can i teach anything useful? So, i do, for these purposes only: 1) advising with local developers; 2) building a stable site that will be passed on to local developers; 3) learning new skills so that i can pass them on; and, 4) i love developing websites.
Here are my current projects
i consult on websites, and even write code, only so that techies there can learn it. Only for the purpose of sharing skills, so that people can be independent

how i do it

vim on gnu/linux, and mostly wordpress. php, and some bash and perl for utilities
references and resources
get from the Wonderful World Wide Web, share at TibetanGeeks.com
help and support from so many people i can't name them all. here are a few:
First, the people who climb up long hilly roads and steep stairs, to sit with me and do code. Whose names aren't very known, because that's not interesting to them, and they are busy doing
Jeff Lebow: pays the bills for web server which hosts currently 30 Tibetan websites, has hosted over 100
Lobsang Wangyal: websites to practice on -- each of which has lasted longer than any organisation website (thanks to him, not me).
Phuntsok Dorjee: whose dream it was, gives support to so many.
Tseten Dolkar - forging the way for Tibetan web developers.
There are more, and i apologise to them, just not enough room, and not sure how public they want to be!

why i do it

because of those people.

because of these people.

to serve buddhism, his holiness dalai lama, and tibet with the only small skills i have to offer.

because i love code.

because all the technologies that i use, and you use — that the entire Internet and web are built on — are free and open, and were built and given with a lot of hard work by their many inventors.

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