events: sabjong for week 4 august

mon 4 aug
to fri 8 aug
  • Starting work on WordPress translating
  • Updating security on Tibetan-language website
  • PHP basics, using PHP in WordPress
  • Consulting on websites as they come up

Resources for this week

  • WP translating:
  • WP security:
  • Learn PHP:

so what happened?

mon 4:
check tibetan website; work on translating
tue 5:
more translating; try some small php scripts - learn how they work, and ideas for modifying/expanding.
wed 6:
1. what is a web server; server, client, protocol.
2. useful firefox plugins: install and try out.
3. cryptocat: install and try.
4. wordpress translating: how it works. install translation file; more translating
5. working on php code; lightbox script
thu 7:
more translating; practicing PHP.
fri 8:
Hard rain! did more translating and practicing PHP at home