events: august: wordpress in བོད་ཡིག

mon 4 aug
to sun 31 aug

The main project for this month will be improving a WordPress website which is all in བོད་ཡིག, including the back end (admin).

So as well as learning more about handling བོད་ཡིག on the web and in WordPress, we will be working on translating WordPress itself, which we hope to submit to On this 3rd week of a marathon translation binge, we expect to finish all strings, do merge with current wp file, translate fuzzy and empty strings, and test.

It won’t be a full month with James, as i must go out by 24 August for about 14 days. But by that time you won’t need me anyway 😀

some resources

Here’s the official བོད་ཡིག wordpress site: — One of the first things we need to do is update this page! it took a lot of work by several people to get it.

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so what happened?

About 60% of the wordpress translation file was already done from last year - merged with a recent file and continuing ... week 1: exploring what poedit can do, and doing a bunch of translating. 500 strings left! week 2: more translating - getting trickier as we are getting into more and more technical phrases. week 3: expect to finish all strings this week, and do merge with current wp file, and test.