events: UPDATE co-building and co-learning first app on 28 march 2.30pm

sat 28 mar

UPDATE 27 march:
Because of the awesome response from awesome folks, we are expecting a houseful and a single idea will not be enough for everyone to hack on. So we have expanded the event to be an open Hackathon and the console jobs idea will be one of the ideas.
People are expected to come up with their own ideas and form a team of up to three and hack something together by Sunday 3 pm. There will be a declared winner on Sunday and a prize.. Oops.. wait.. did I say a prize? Yes.. a prize for awesomeness..

— Silv3r

At Infinity hackbase/Mindgrep in Dharamsala [1/2] we are working on some interesting ideas for 2015 and want to involve geeks (and want to be geeks) in co-building and co-learning initiatives.

Going forward, we will be facilitating few such projects as community initiatives. (Further details on structure and more projects will be shared soon) As part of the vision, we want to see some top quality developers come out from the local community. We also want involvement from learners/mentors from outside Dharamshala.

The idea is to build, learn and grow together.

The first app (of the apps) to be floated as a community building and learning project is:
Browser console-based job application easter egg (JavaScript)

This (small) app will let companies attract web developers through an easter egg in the browser console, when visiting the company website.

Jai [3] is visiting Infinity as a resident and this idea is his brainwave. He is an experienced and knowledgeable app developer. He is the one to have proposed this app and will be a lead on it.

This saturday, we invite all interested geeks to drop by and kickstart the project with us.

Time: 10:30 am onwards, on Saturday, the 28th of March.

Physical venue: Infinity @ Ghoomakad, Village Rakkar, Sidhbari, Dharamsala
Digital venue: #infinity-apps IRC channel on
(We are always online on #infinity-apps and #infinity channels

A little discussion about Infinity community and the vision, for those who are relatively new to the space.
Then we will move to the main agenda:
Laying down the scope of the “job through console” app,
Tech stack related discussions for this app
Some basic introduction to Javascript, promises and useful libraries in Nodejs
Dividing the work and getting started with me and Jai to help out
By the end of the day we will (together) have made something (useful and fun), in a good way and committed that to Github. We dont expect the learners to be able to build this whole thing in a day. In fact, we want to continue to build this app remotely as part of the learning to collaborate remotely experience.

In next few weeks, we will finish a good quality app and if all goes well, it will be a good project by the local community, to showcase Hillhacks.

Mentors and Facilitators; Jai (lead), Silv3r and anyone else who is willing to join 🙂


All the geeks from Dharamsala (permanent or visiting ones, experienced or beginners) are invited. Geeks from outside can join us on IRC. Consider this project as a lead to the CodeCamp at Hillhacks.

We will arrange for your food, so please RSVP 🙂

[2] -> The organizational side of the hackbase
[5] -> Jobs through console

p.s. While “lets build a job through console app” being the main theme for this Saturday meet, if there is any other problem/project/idea you have, we would love to hear about it.

p.s2. There is another (very) interesting (and long term) idea which is in situ at Infinity. We will also talk about it on this Saturday in brief. Our first dirty, but functional, alpha is going to be out soon. By Hillhacks, we intend to be done with the basic platform, and invite community to start adding on to it, if they like it. You can read more about it on


so what happened?

Here's the report, at MindGrep