how to keep up updated 24 Jun 2014

lately people are asking me how do i keep up with our rapidly-changing web world.
Here’s how:

first: code code code!

i’m coding something almost every day.
coding brings problems →
problems bring thinking and searching →
searching brings new info and resources →
( … and then … new ideas for coding → new problems … ♺ dayum! 😀 )

second: twitter for breakfast

from these accounts i get daily updates on the latest in web/wordpress:
@androidcentral @automatticeng @codeorg @codinghorror @eff @hackernewsbot @helpnetsecurity @hillhacks @iamdevloper @lorelleonwp @sitepointdotcom @smashingmag @speckyboy @theregister @wpbeginner @wpmudev

and: websites

stackexchange for lunch

i signed up to get email every day listing the top questions/answers from these groups:

Here’s all the tech StackExchanges:”>

Other top tech websites

tools i use

search to solve some problem i’m having,
and often learn more on general issues at the same time,
and find some good resources for future.

printfriendly bookmarklet:
i love this. i can make a very nice and readable PDF of any web page i’m reading, save and refer to.