Buddhism updated 3 Jun 2015

Some nice pages and sites about Buddhism practice.

  • Buddhism at HuffPost Useful articles on living Buddhism for today’s world. ☛ HuffingtonPost.com
  • Buddhism Now An online magazine based upon the teachings of the Buddha; from England. ☛ BuddhismNow.com
  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship Socially-engaged Buddhism. ☛ BuddhistPeaceFellowship.org
  • Dalai Lama teachings A message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama on compassion and the individual. ☛ DalaiLama.com
  • Q & A at StackExchange Thoughtful questions and answers about Buddhism. ☛ Buddhism.StackExchange.com [2015]
  • Treasury of Lives Histories and biographies of teachers, families, places, and traditions in Tibet. Beautiful pages and pictures. ☛ TreasuryOfLives.org [2015]
  • Tricycle Practice, commentary, hinayana and mahayana – with western view. ☛ TriCycle.com

Some resources that are good for everything you learn:

  • all: cheatsheet Look up html and css code here, at the place it is invented ☛ W3.org [2014]
  • all: Code Guide Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS – on a beautiful page! ☛ GitHub.io
  • all: How to ask questions This article is about asking at WordPress support, but it applies to everywhere! ☛ WPBeginner.com [2014]
  • all: Web dev rates – India Hourly rates for web developer in India, with job descriptions, very nice interactive chart ☛ PayScale.com [2014]
  • all: Web dev rates – US Hourly rates for web developer in US, with job descriptions, very nice interactive chart ☛ PayScale.com [2014]
  • CertCheck Explains the role of the certificate on a website; by Tactical Technology Collective. (Note that the subdomain of the certcheck.me url will change each time you go there.) ☛ CertCheck.me
  • typing: Typing Cat Practice typing skills and speed online ☛ theTypingCat.com [2014]

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