Learn to code online updated 6 Jul 2016

Many great websites with online lessons, or good collections of resources.

But Jaaaaaaaames, there’s too many things! <cry> <cry>
Yes, isn’t it great! It’s like having a table piled with food in front of us! Don’t cry — relax, take your time, and enjoy!

  • 10 Useful Sites Descriptions and screenshots of 10 useful sites for learning online [nov 2013] ☛ OneExtraPixel.com
  • begin: Hour of code Free. Get the idea of coding through a one-hour tutorial. ☛ Code.org
  • begin: Tynker Free. Programming with graphical interface. “Everyone can learn to code with Tynker.” ☛ Tynker.com
  • C: Hard Way Learn C Programming ☛ LearnCodeTheHardWay.org
  • css: CSS3Please Free. A comprehensive tutorial on CSS3 – assumes that you are already aware of the basic syntax and functions of the language. ☛ CSS3Please.com
  • css: Interactive Selectors Click on selector and see the code attached to it ☛ BenHowdle.im [2014]
  • css: Selectors A nicely designed little game to help you learn CSS selectors. Type in the correct selector to complete each level. ☛ FlukeOut.github.io/ [2014]
  • css: the Magic The Magic of CSS – visual explanations, examples and code ☛ AdamSchwartz.co
  • css: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for CSS ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • gnu cli: CodeCademy Learn command-line that online interactive CodeCademy way. All win! ☛ CodeCademy.com [2015]
  • gnu cli: Explain Very nice interface that explains commands you type or choose ☛ ExplainShell.com [2014]
  • gnu cli: For developers Complete and clear, from beginning to advanced ☛ CongqueringTheCommandLine.com [2014]
  • gnu cli: Hard Way Learn Command line ☛ LearnCodeTheHardWay.org
  • html: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for HTML ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • html/css: CodeCademy Free. Learn HTML and CSS online. ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • html/css: Dash “Dash teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser.” ☛ Dash.GeneralAssemb.ly
  • html/css: Khan Academy Nice interactive tutorials ☛ KhanAcademy.com
  • html/css: YouTube Videos about writing HTML and CSS ☛ YouTube.com
  • javascript: Code Combat Free. Learn to code javascript while playing a game. ☛ CodeCombat.com
  • javascript: CodeCademy Free. Lean JavaScript online. ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • javascript: Eloquent Free: Interactive tutorial with downloadable book. ☛ EloquentJavaScript.net
  • JavaScript: for Cats Explaining JavaScript through Chrome browser. It probably helps if you already have some programming knowledge. ☛ JSforCats.com [2015]
  • javascript: Khan Academy Free. Learn JavaScript programming for animation. Other subjects as well. ☛ KhanAcademy.org
  • javascript: Untrusted Untrusted: a user JavaScript adventure game ☛ Alexnisnevich.GitHub.com
  • javascript: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for JavaScript ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • jquery: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for jQuery ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • Make a website Build a recent version of Airbnb’s home page and learn the fundamentals of web development in the process ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • multiple: Code Club Free. For UK. Code Club helps volunteers and schools find each other and develops projects for volunteers to teach at club sessions. ☛ CodeClub.org.uk
  • multiple: Code Wars Free. Learn to code with kata challenges. JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Clojure, Haskell, C, C++ ☛ CodeWars.com
  • multiple: CodeSchool “Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts.” ☛ CodeSchool.com
  • multiple: Coursera Free. Beginning and advanced programming courses, plus much much more. ☛ Coursera.org
  • multiple: edX Free. Computer science plus much much more. ☛ edX.org
  • multiple: Lynda.com Not free. Excellent professional video tutorial on all aspects of IT. ☛ Lynda.com
  • multiple: More sites Descriptions of many more learn-coding sites, with screenshots. ☛ mYasmine.com
  • multiple: Rewired Free. An independent global network of kids aged 18 and under who have taught themselves to program computers. ☛ YoungRewiredState.org
  • multiple: Udacity Free. extensive tutorials on concepts related to computer science, taught by leading professors and programmers from around the world. Work as regular classes, with lectures, tests and tutorials. ☛ Udacity.com
  • php: CodeCademy Free: Lean PHP online the great CodeCademy interactive way. ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • php: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for PHP ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • python: CodeCademy Free. Learn Python online. ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • python: Crunchy Free. Advanced Python, as downloadable app from Google. ☛ Code.Google.com
  • python: Hard Way Learn Python ☛ LearnPythonTheHardWay.org
  • python: Learn Python Free. Easy-to-follow tutorials for the language that follow the Codecademy interactive model. ☛ LearnPython.org
  • regex: Hard Way Learn Regular expressions ☛ LearnCodeTheHardWay.org
  • ruby: CodeCademy Free. Lean Ruby programing online. ☛ CodeCademy.com
  • ruby: RubyMonk Free. Learn the syntax, idioms, and even the philosophy behind effective Ruby use in an interactive, Codecademy-like interface. ☛ RubyMonk.com
  • scratch: MIT Free. Make projects with Scratch and share them. ☛ Scratch.MIT.edu
  • security: InnoBuzz Free? Learn ethical hacking and get CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) certification. ☛ IBMail.in
  • security: Videos Many great videos about security. ☛ SecurityTube.net
  • sql: Hard Way Learn SQL ☛ LearnCodeTheHardWay.org
  • sql: Introduction Learn SQL syntax. Nice! gives results online, you don’t have to set up your own database. No signup required. ☛ SQLBolt.com
  • sql: Khan Academy Nice interactive tutorials. ☛ KhanAcademy.com
  • sql: SQLZoo Free. Beginner tutorials will get you up to speed on the basics in an approachable manner. ☛ SQLZoo.com
  • sql: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for SQL ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • typing: Typing Cat Practice typing skills and speed online ☛ theTypingCat.com [2014]
  • vim: Adventures Learning vim while playing a game. ☛ VIM-Adventures.com
  • vim: Golf “Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke” – downloadable game ☛ VimGolf.com
  • vim: Tetris Play Tetris and learn basic VIM movement keys. ☛ VIM.org
  • web dev: W3Schools Online interactive tutorials for building a website ☛ W3Schools.com [2014]
  • web dev: YouTube videos about web development ☛ YouTube.com
  • WordPress School Step-by-Step how to use WordPress, how to build in WordPress ☛ Lorelle.WordPress.com
  • wordpress: the translation The repository for translations of WordPress versions ☛ Translate.WordPress.org
  • wordpress: WP101 Not free. Professional video tutorials on all aspects of using and developing in WordPress. ☛ WP101.com
  • wordpress: YouTube Videos about building sites in WordPress ☛ YouTube.com

Some resources that are good for everything you learn:

  • all: cheatsheet Look up html and css code here, at the place it is invented ☛ W3.org [2014]
  • all: Code Guide Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS – on a beautiful page! ☛ GitHub.io
  • all: How to ask questions This article is about asking at WordPress support, but it applies to everywhere! ☛ WPBeginner.com [2014]
  • all: Web dev rates – India Hourly rates for web developer in India, with job descriptions, very nice interactive chart ☛ PayScale.com [2014]
  • all: Web dev rates – US Hourly rates for web developer in US, with job descriptions, very nice interactive chart ☛ PayScale.com [2014]
  • CertCheck Explains the role of the certificate on a website; by Tactical Technology Collective. (Note that the subdomain of the certcheck.me url will change each time you go there.) ☛ CertCheck.me
  • typing: Typing Cat Practice typing skills and speed online ☛ theTypingCat.com [2014]

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