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sitting with james

  • I don't teach basic html/css/php. You can learn that yourself on the Web (see below) and from other people here.
  • I don't do "classes". We call it "practical". Or "workshop" — ཟབ་སྦྱོང་།.
  • I'm a very bad teacher ... but maybe a good explainer.
  • I can do coaching on how to learn html/css, PHP programming, WordPress site development, and more.

Before you sit with me ...

  1. You know how to search the Web to find information.
  2. You already know HTML and CSS basics.
  3. You have done tutorials on html/css and on php at and Other tutorial sites or YouTube tutorials are good too. You can find more on the GeekRoom html/css resources page, or search the Web.
  4. You have experimented and made some web pages, even if only for yourself.
  5. Before we meet the first time, you email or bring me a little "website" of 3 pages
    • subject of website is something interesting to you: gaming, football, programming, anything. Your interest.
    • same design on all pages, a nav menu that links them together, CSS in a separate stylesheet file, a few images and background images.
    • (Don't make more than 3 pages.
      Don't think to impress me with fancy design. I'm not a designer. I will be looking at your code! :)
    • If you want to learn WordPress (as an author, a publisher, or a developer) you also have an account at, and have made at least a small website there.

Things that James can help you work on: html5/css3, php basics, javascript basics, web security, wordpress everything, linux cli everything, along with concepts of web development, networking, troubleshooting, how to think like a techie, and like that.

Here are some resources we work from

And you can go to the great websites listed on the resources page, and learn everything by yourself!

current and past james' jobs are here

Everything i do is open code, open source, and any part of it may be shared with people studying with me. That's why i do it.

coming-up events and sabjongs are here