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on this page: ཟབ་སྦྱོང་ at geek room ~ workshops ~ long workshops ~ conferences and talks ~ suggestions?

ཟབ་སྦྱོང་ at geek room

Learning how to code by making websites, using HTML and CSS, PHP programming, WordPress, SQL, gnu/linux command line.

workshops: Saturday meet-up, null meet (security), or any one- or two-day sessions

  • Web development
    • developing websites for pcs / for smartphones - is there a difference?
    • websites / web apps / smartphone apps - ways of thinking
    • does web developer have a responsibility towards user's security and privacy?
    • useful functionality or stupid web trick - how to know?
    • "responsive design". what is it. when to do it. when not to do it!
  • WordPress
    • making forms with Contact Form 7 plugin - from simple to reeeeelly complicated.
    • plugins - one person's basic set ... and yours?
    • using plugins - how many? how to choose, things to consider
    • security plugins - how to choose and use
  • *nix command-line
    • bash command-line: the basic commands, advanced tips and tools
    • text-based browsers (lynx, elinks, etc.): how to navigate, manage cookies, etc.
    • vim editor: basics of navigating and editing; power of abbreviations and maps and more.
    • emacs editor: basics, advanced.
  • Network, the Internet, Security
    • pgp: Setting it up, including on android.
    • Using network tools: wireshark, traceroute, dig, whois, ...
    • Making our own social networks and clouds: Tonido, Sync, ...
    • The End?
      "There is no honour amongst hackers any more. There is no real community. There is precious little skill. The entire security game is becoming more and more regulated. This is all a sign of things to come, and a reflection on the sad state of an industry that should never have become an industry." — John Cartwright,, 19 March 2014
      (thank you berni for this)
  • World of Ideas
    • buddhism / *nix / open source - how they are alike.
    • ethics in tech
    • philosophy in programming
    • really what is "open source"?

Long workshops (like several days a week, or 2 weeks, or longer)

  • PHP
    • basics - fast track: for applying in WordPress theme development
  • WordPress
    • theme, function, and plugin development

Talks, conferences, online events

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