about the geek room

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note: James is now semi-retired from this "teaching" gig. woot! :D

I will be in McLeod sometimes, and may be working with people or may not. Details below. [april 2017]

when: may-july 2017

mcleod ganj geek room ཟབ་སྦྱོང་
starting 22 may 2017
monday through saturday, 10am to 5pm
subjects: advanced web and wordpress; gnu/linux command-line
The upcoming schedules are here
Info about using the Geek Room is here

the future

James will be out of station in August, and maybe September.
Afer that? Everything is change.


resources for learning everything are here
more about learning at Geek Room is here
tech events are here
the real mcleodganj weather is here

what: code

“The hardest part of teaching someone to code, is the part where you just kinda sit there and think.”

The Geek Room is just a room, big enough for a few people to sit and learn and do coding — programming. Mostly through advanced web development, web programming, and WordPress. Resources for learning everything are here.

For learning beginning web development, you can contact Choenyi or Tseten at TibetanITech.com; or the Tibetan Career Centre on Jogiwara Road; or LHA on Temple Road opposite the State Bank complex.

You can also start here for learning: HTML and CSS, PHP programming, WordPress, SQL, gnu/linux command line. And YouTube tutorials are probably even better!

why: is the geek room?

Because of the power of code, and the power of the free and open Web for the Tibetan people — for any people.

More about the Geek Room philosophyuse guidelines • and a few somewhat-frequently-asked questions.

what: peace

"We all talk about 'peace, peace', but peace doesn't fall from the sky. We have to do something to create it. Human beings have to solve their problems themselves. And the right way to create peace is to engage in dialogue."

When asked what makes him happy, he replied that he is happy to be one human being among the 7 billion others.

He gave a teaching about a path in life in which one uses all one's energy in serving others.

— The Dalai Lama, Hamburg, Germany, August 2014

Do you really think that peace will come
   in some other place than here?
   in some other time than now?
   in some other heart than yours?

— Dorothy Hunt